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Saturday, August 26 • 10:00am - 11:55am
Teen Shorts

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Space Blood
Directed by Chris Chaei
10 minutes • USA
Tori must protect her brother, Julian, from an assassin and his men.

The Mysterious Case of Harrison Hanson
Directed by Allison Murphy
9 minutes • USA
A student goes missing after the homecoming Dance and a detective interviews the last 5 people to see him.

GL Sports Shoes 
Directed by Chris Chaei
4 minutes • USA

Directed by Ian Dani Kim
10 minutes • USA
A teenager struggles with depression and social anxiety, expressing it through locking himself in his imaginary room where his life plays out. The film is shown from the boy’s perspective in his “room” showing how real life events affect him in it. Since the pandemic began, many teenagers have experienced feelings of isolation and some of them still struggle to overcome their depression even after the pandemic subsides as this boy can't get out of his psychological lockdown.

Directed by Jaela Ellis
6 minutes • USA
Jaidyn is a black girl who is met with countless overwhelming microaggressions at her majority white school. When her white project partner asks her a question in class, Jaidyn responds normally, but her project partner calls her “rude” and “aggressive”. Her best friend also tells her she was being rude and this causes her to question her response. As these instances progress throughout her day, she gets more confused as to why people are targeting her and calling her aggressive. Even though she represses her true thoughts and reactions and tries to avoid being "aggressive", she is still receiving the same reactions from her classmates. Despite her mom telling her not to let it bother her, Jaidyn decides to make sure that she is extra nice to everyone the next day. She tries everything that she can to prevent these reactions by changing the way she dresses and acts. Still, her white peers tell her that she is being “angry” and “aggressive”. Jaidyn finally reaches a breaking point after being called out by a teacher for her behavior and goes off in front of her class. She gains the confidence to express her true feelings despite everyone else’s opinions, and the few other black girls in her class show her support and validation by clapping at the end of her speech.

Haroldson and Associates Employee Training Video
Directed by Cooper Whiteshield
8 minutes • USA
A lost employee training tape for an 80s grocery store chains uncovers the dark truth about the company's business practices.

Lucky Encounter 
Directed by Kian Doughty, Ben Cicilian
6 minutes • USA
A down on his luck elderly man stumbles upon an easy way out. But the repercussions of his actions are more terrifying than he could ever imagine.

Cottage Hill
Directed by Chris Chaei
4 minutes • USA
Marland reveals his feelings after his best friend, Ruth, leaves him.

Directed by Maria Fernanda Mendoza
8 minutes • USA
A family of four has been broken down by the disappearance of the eldest daughter, Adela attempts to find out what really happened to her sibling through a special sisterly bond.

Directed by Logan Westin
5 minutes • USA
Derek, a young man indebted to his sleep and schoolwork fractures his perception of reality as his association of alarm and anxiety is numbed by the repetition of his stresses.

Directed by Jordan Held
5 minutes • USA
A young man must face his fears to make a personal purchase.

Cringe: A Teen Drama
Directed by Sam Smith, Patrick Thomley, Sabrina Palmer, Andy Barksdale
5 minutes • USA
A teenage boy learns that he has been voted most cringe in his senior yearbook and he sets out to change his fate.

In Her Silence
Directed by Sidewalk Youth Board
8 minutes • USA

Dry Desert Plants Warm My Heart 
Directed by Wyatt Kane Johnson
6 minutes • USA
A man with a boring life and only an “employee of the month” certificate to be proud of soon finds a new love and pride in a mysterious pile of boxes that appear outside of his house. A sweet, comforting watch about finding meaning in life.

The Greatest of These
Directed by Campbell Pate
21 minutes • USA

Saturday August 26, 2023 10:00am - 11:55am CDT
Kress Building Ballroom (former RMTC)