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Saturday, August 26 • 8:00pm - 9:56pm
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Sparks, The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte
Directed by Ron Mael, Russell Mael, Richie Starzec
3 Minutes • USA
The music video for The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte by Sparks, from the 2023 album of the same title. Cate Blanchett is flanked by Sparks' Ron Mael & Russell Mael for this one shot video. Deadpan and expressionless throughout, her movement is a direct reaction to the emotions and musicality of the track.

Running out of love
Directed by Veronica Zin
4 Minutes • USA

Pronto- Light Light
Directed by Maximilian Speidel
7 Minutes • Switzerland
Two childhood friends are on their way to empty out the apartment of one of their mothers, who’s recently passed. The route to the apartment puts the son in a nostalgic trance, reminiscing of growing up in the neighbourhood with his mother and friends. Once the adult son enters the apartment, he revisits different stages of his life through non-linear flashbacks. These mundane memories of his past, show the unconditional love of his mother, which he‘s trying to preserve in his mind whilst removing her last earthly possessions from the place she raised him.

John Cale feat. Weyes Blood, Story of Blood
Directed by Jethro Waters
8 Minutes • USA
Legendary co-founder of The Velvet Underground, John Cale, announces his first album in a decade with STORY OF BLOOD, featuring acclaimed musician Weyes Blood.

Down Here
Directed by Omar Ben Shachar
3 Minutes • USA
Elijah desperately tries to fit into a world where everyone wears identical masks. But when his mask unexpectedly begins to peel off, Elijah starts to doubt if hiding his true identity is really worth it.

My Meisie
Directed by Pedro Henrique Mosca Marques
5 Minutes • Brazil
Dambudzo is a young resident of the Pantanal Community in Diadema - Brazil, who is sad and hopeless after losing her job, but she is supported by her friends who fill her with affection and make her leave the house a little to feel better. When walking around the place where she grew up, it is possible to perceive affection from the people who have known her since she was little, in this way, the young woman gets excited and decides to go to a local party, where a great transformation will happen

Crime of the Century
Directed by Rebecca Pugh Guthrie
3 Minutes • USA

It’s the Crown for Me
Directed by Cruz MoShots Johnson
4 Minutes • USA
This documentary short is to highlight the importance of black excellence and embracing what God giving us, Black Pride. WE ARE THE CULTURE

Picture Of You
Directed by Jason OBrien
5 Minutes • USA

Beyond Farewell
Directed by Jackie Shijie Xing
5 Minutes • USA
AI engineer Sam grieves her late girlfriend Joy by working nonstop. Experiencing paranormal activities, Sam finishes her AR goggles as guided by a mysterious line of code. To her gleeful surprise, Sam sees Joy through the goggles. Reunited, the couple goes on an adventure to check off everything on their bucket list. As the morning light caresses her face, Joy glitches and fades. Against the rising sun, the couple kisses one last time, reminiscing the fleeting eternity. Opening her eyes on the grass, Sam finds herself alone again, unsure if the memories were real.

Bay Ledges: DMT
Directed by Veronica Zin
4 Minutes • N/A

Wil I?
Directed by Myles Cain, Lauren Jones
5 Minutes • USA

I’ll Be Holding On
Directed by Jorda Z Helms
6 Minutes • USA
After learning her childhood best friend is terminally ill, Morgan James takes Pearl on a farewell road trip across the American Southwest to see the Pacific Ocean one last time. Processing the pain of losing her best friend, Morgan discovers that letting go is just as important as holding on.

Directed by William S. Davis
4 Minutes • USA
Basement" is a music video combining film and music works both produced by filmmaker and musician William S. Davis. The song and visuals act as an elegy poem intimately dissecting and braiding invisible layers of life and memory. Footage was filmed over 10+ years where the music was produced while dismantling his childhood home.

No Fun
Directed by Duane Bruton
4 Minutes • USA
Explore the Dark Side of Longing with the New Short Dance Film ‘No Fun’. The balance of humor and melancholy creates an experience of unrequited love that is all too familiar to all of us. In this short film, music forms the backdrop of a narrative about love. An immaculately dressed woman tries to get a man’s attention through increasingly frantic and expressive dance moves, but her efforts are fruitless: The man continues to ignore her. As she dances, the threat of death is ever-present, leading the viewer to wonder what lengths she might resort to if he fails to acknowledge her.

Roomates, You Know I'm No Good
Directed by Sarai Hattal
4 Minutes • Israel
Ten roommates wake up at the same time and organize in front of one small mirror in one tiny Tel Aviv apartment.

Hold on Savannah
Directed by Maggie Brown
4 Minutes • USA

Jeff Hilliard, Finger Bang Your Day
Directed by Jeff Hillard, John Orphan
4 Minutes • USA
With the help of his friends, Blaster is determined to spread his message of hope and love to the rest of the world through his song Finger Bang Your Day.

Alto Palo, Alto Palo
Directed by Veronica Zin
3 Minutes • N/A

Directed by Adam C Sutherland
5 Minutes • N/A

Lunarcode, The Light
Directed by Vincenzo Carubia
3 Minutes • USA
Latest music video by award winning Rock Band LUNARCODE. this is off their first album "Stories Untold" available on iTunes, Spotify and all major platforms

Miki Ratsula, Sugarcane (feat. Dana Williams)
Directed by Veronica Zin
3 Minutes • N/A

Old Flames
Directed by Fugitives
5 Minutes • Canada
A haunting portrayal of a recovering addict learning to live with her demons.

Hrishikesh Hirway - Cascade
Directed by Hrishikesh Hirway
4 Minutes • USA
Cascade’ is a song about family, and time, and being connected to people who came before us and will come after us. It’s a story about my grandmother, as a young woman in India, having a vision of her great granddaughter, who wouldn’t be born until a decade after my grandmother passed away. She dreams of this little girl and feels a profound connection to her, and in her dream, sings her this lullaby. That story is being told to that great-granddaughter in the present.

Directed by William J. Stribling
4 Minutes • USA
The Latinx rock band Making Movies have let fame go to their head. But they are cosmically punished for their hubris while traveling by private plane to their next gig. The airplane goes down and crashes in the desert. But instead of burning with the wreckage, they rise from the ashes and live to tell the tale. Como ave de mal agüero, nunca morire. Viajero sin ruta o puerto nunca morire. "XOPA" is the title track from the brand new album XOPA by Making Movies. Released under exclusive contract with Cosmica Artists

Saturday August 26, 2023 8:00pm - 9:56pm CDT
BJCC Forum Theater